Mission Statement

“Make the world’s best social game and let the world play it for free!”

Our Ten Principles

1. Stargames is free to play. We believe that it should always be free to play, and freely available to play by any person from any country.

2. In our opinion, Stargames is the worlds best online social game but we will continue to work hard to constantly improve it with new features and upgrades.

3. Stargames is the peoples game.

4. We believe in growing a friendly Internet community that’s based around a social game, where people can come together, enjoy the game and make new friends along the way.

5. The site generates revenue through advertising and selling some extra optional game add-ons in our Star Shop.


  • We do not display adverts that we feel are immoral or inappropriate for minors; e.g firearms, weapons, alcohol, drugs etc.
  • The adverts we display are relevant to the site, kept to a minimum, and blended in so they don’t interfere with the enjoyment of playing the game.
  • We do not use pop-up, pop-under, full screen, spy-ware, etc, or any other types of adverts that people just find annoying.
  • We do not use tricks, lies, or under hand sales techniques to try and promote our products that are on sale in the ID shop.



6. Stargames does not promote or encourage violence, racial hatred, sexism or any other form of discrimination.

7. There is a philosophy at Stargames that the customer comes first, and as a result you can rest assured that there is an extremely hard working and dedicated team.

8. We do sell some add-ons to the game along with merchandise in the Star shop.

9. There is a great ‘family’ atmosphere amongst those who work at Stargames, keeping to one of our principles that the work environment can and should be fun.

10. Our last principle is the same as our first! Stargames is free for all, will always be free for all and will always get better!